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Masking Tape

Multi-Purpose Masking Tape

  • Multi-Purpose Masking Tape

    Multi-Purpose Masking Tape

  • High Absorbent Lint-Free Soft with Electrostatic Properties Leaves a Smear Free Surface

    Bodyshop, Service Shop, Detailing & DIY
    Red-Line Multi-Purpose Series

    PAI® Advantage:

    • 100% Microfiber without blending with Lycra or other Synthetic contents
    • Made of split conjugated fibers of 80% polyester & 20% polyamide. Leaves no Dust & Lint
    • GSM: 300 gm/Sq.Mtr., Denier: about 0.4μm
    • Has exceptional ability to absorb oil, Grease & Dirt
    • Can Hold up to seven times its weight in water
    • High Dust attracting power
    • Superior liquid/water absorbent & quick to dry

    Application Directions:

    • Use for wet as well as dry wiping & moping.
    • Treat the hard, dried dirt/accumulations specific area with wet microfiber cloth – coupled with or without cleaning compounds – before starting surface moping or drying.
    • Wash it frequently as it has high absorption capacity and the unclean accumulated dust, debris, and particles can clog into the cloth and may lead to scratch the sensitive surfaces.
    • Machine wash in regular washing detergent – washer & dryer safe. Do not wash in oily, self-softening fabric softeners. The oils in the softener and self-softening detergents will clog up the fibers and make them less effective until the oils are washed out.

    1570041 40×40 cm 1 Pc / 12 Pcs
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    A premium self-adhesive crepe paper tape recommended for all general-purpose masking applications. It is used to hide/mask area surface, where job is not to be done.

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  • Micro Fiber Cloth

    Micro-Fiber Finishing Cloth is a High Absorbent Lint-Free Soft Cloth with Electrostatic Properties. It leaves a Smear Free Surface after Cleaning.

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  • Washing Sponge

    High Absorbent Foam for Cleaning purpose

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  • Wax Applicator Red-Line Multi-Purpose Series

    Foam Applicator with polymer Grip Sheet

    PAI® Advantage:

    Size: 110 mm Dia. 20 mm thick

    Shape: Non Squeeze Hand Grip polymer sheet

    1559041 100×30 cm 1 Pc / 24 Pcs
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