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Interior & Exterior Care Products



  • Dressers


  • Cleaners


  • Glass Cleaner

    Glass Cleaner

  • Multi purpose Interior Cleaner

    Suitable for Fabric, Vinyl & other interior surfaces: Upholstery, Roof lining, Dashboard, Door Trims, Carpets, Footmats, and Parcel Trays etc. Active foaming action traps and removes the dirt particles and their odors. Results in clean interiors & fresh scent.

  • Muti purpose Dresser

    Dashboard, Door Trims, Bumpers, Tyre, Console, Plastic & Rubber Moldings, Leather Upholstery, Trims, Moldings, Under-Hood Plastic & Rubber Hoses.

  • Pai Interior Dresser

    Superior Conditioning & Protection while Gently wipes off the light traces of dirt, stains & spills while application.

  • Wash N Wax Shampoo Interior & Exterior

    Ecofriendly Ph-Balanced concentrated shampoo with rich foam formula reveals true beauty of cars by removing dirts & road grime.