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Composite materials find a widespread presence in the most varied areas, thanks to some of their winning characteristics that make them preferable to other types of solutions. Pai Boat Composites provides its contribution for the finishing of composite products, offering a complete line of abrasive products and dedicated polishing processes.

Over the years, by investing in research and development, collaborating with important companies in the sector and through continuous field tests, Pai Boat Composites has responded to the needs of the market by offering solutions to boat manufacturers as well as to those of parts for the shipbuilding industry. transport (automotive, caravan, truck, train, coach), to the sanitary industry (shower trays, tubs, washbasins), swimming pools, architectural and artistic elements, sports equipment.

Abrasive pastes, polish and specific accessories, easy to use, fast and effective that allow you to polish fiberglass products, as well as enamel painted surfaces rather than epoxy.

Whether it is the result of a manual lamination or an infusion process, which contains glass fiber, kevlar or carbon as reinforcement, the composite product is the arrival point of a long and sophisticated production plan. Pai Boat Composites helps its customer to ensure that the polishing process – the final and decisive touch of the whole project – is efficient and the product is brilliant as a work of art.

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