Maintenance And Storage

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Born on site, where boats are conceived and created, Pai Boat Composites has developed a specific line dedicated to the maintenance professional.

The storage and maintenance phase are decisive to keep the value of the investment made by buying a boat high, keeping it clean and bright, season after season.

The products of the Pai Boat Composites line, simple to use, quick and effective, allow to remove oxidations, yellowing, scratches, opacities and black stripes. Specific waxes, tested in the field, help protect the boat from the aggressive combined action of UV rays and salt water. Highly concentrated detergents, reducing consumption, help to effectively wash interiors, exteriors, bilges, inflatable boats.

The use of colored caps helps in the identification of the product and above all in the correct combination with the foam pad and the microfiber of the corresponding color, for the guarantee of an excellent result.

Whatever the situation the professional is facing, Pai Boat Composites offers the tailor-made solution.

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