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Proper maintenance of your boat is of primary importance for any owner who wants to preserve the value of his investment, extending his life. Taking care of it with the least effort and the maximum result is what Pai Boat Composites can offer to all hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Pai Boat Composites was born and matured in the production yards, where it acquired the necessary experience and know-how that made it the reference point in the maintenance field. It is love for the sea and at the same time conceiving the boat as a work of art, whose value must be preserved, which prompted us to develop “do it yourself” tailor-made products.

Simplicity, speed and effectiveness are the keywords at the base of the development of each product.

Easy-to-use abrasive pastes, polishes and detergents to quickly and safely remove oxidations, yellowing, scratches, opacities, black stripes, water stains from gelcoat and enamel surfaces, but also from metal parts, from PVC inflatable boats or neoprene.

Products designed to be used by hand with maximum effectiveness, but which guarantee excellent results even when used with tools of common use (drill) or, for the more experienced, with electric polishers.

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