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We have studied specific solutions for the finishing of components, details and applications for glasses with vibro, turbo, watertight tumblers, high-speed satellite and magnetic cleaners. Thanks to the Pai Classic line for wet tumbling, which includes plastic preforms, ceramic and porcelain stones, abrasive pastes and powders, polishing and antioxidant emulsions, they can be completely removed from the surface of noses, bridges, snouts, hinges, rods, decorations in monel, nickel silver, aluminum, zamak, brass, steel, titanium and other metals burrs, scratches, incisions and imperfections. A completely flat and shiny surface can also be obtained thanks to the abrasive pastes designed for dry vibratory finishing in open machines, with wood or vegetable granulates.

Bench wheels and resin diamond wheels also guarantee a precise removal of residues deriving from welding operations and other processing phases. Finally, the solid “in bread” pastes make it possible to obtain an extremely bright and flawless surface.

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