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The model and the mold are the decisive starting point to obtain a good final product that does not require too many corrective interventions.

For this reason, Pai Boat Composites has carefully studied the different types of surface, the different hardnesses and peculiarities of the enamel and gelcoat applied, with the aim of providing a tailor-made process that guarantees excellent results in less time and with less consumption of possible material.

There is no surface like the other, each has its own characteristics. The model, for example, can be gelcoat finished or a polishable base may be preferred, which in turn can be based on polyester or vinyl ester resins.

For the production of the mold, in most cases a vinyl ester gelcoat is preferred to the standard polyester gelcoat of the molds. It is well known that mold gelcoat is considerably harder and one cannot therefore think of being able to polish it effectively using a generic abrasive paste.

These and similar cases have been analyzed by Pai Boat Composites, in collaboration with leading companies in the various sectors: from the nautical to the automotive, from the sanitary industry to the wind industry, from swimming pools to architectural elements to sports equipment. The result was a selection of specific products, with superior performance, able to guarantee savings in processing times and excellent results.

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