Pai Cristal

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Grain               : Fine

Colour              : Light Yellow

Power               : Low

Effect               : High Bright Shine

Features            : Shining Bar for Mid Hard to Soft Metal & Plastic Surfaces

Package             : about 1Kg + 50 gm each, 20 Pcs Box


Fine grade solid bar to be used with soft cotton cloth is suitable for Soft Metals, Plastics & Painted panels.

Painted Surfaces: Can remove #2000 grade of sand paper and gives bright and shining surface.

Metal: Copper & Aluminum-can remove scratches of 1500/2000 sand paper and gives very shining surface.


Plastic (Acetate): Can be used for shining many surfaces like musical instruments, furniture, Accessory of different types and so on.


It is advised to use this paste along with one additional dry cloth wheel. Polish the object on polishing wheel and then remove the light oily traces from the object surface by running it on another dry cloth wheel. This will give exceptional results in terms of bright shining. In absence of additional dry wheel, it is advised to use same wheel – half of the width for polishing and keep half of the width dry for cleaning.

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