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Tyre & Exteriors Dresser


Hi-Gloss Dressing for Tyres, Plastics & Rubber Surfaces
Tyres, Black OVRMs, Beadings & Bumper Inserts, Under-hood Hoses & Engine Covers etc.

PAI® Advantage:

  • This rich-silicone formula contains ingredients that help penetrate Vinyl, Plastic and Rubber surfaces and provides protection and long-lasting rich gloss.
  • It keeps Vinyl & Rubber Surfaces hydrated to keep its sheen & avoid drying & cracking.
  • Leaves a strong UV protectant glossy layer to restore the Surfaces look like new & protected
  • It wipes off dust, fingerprints, ashes, spills, and grime & at the same time it leaves a transparent coating of UV protection that’s not greasy and will not cause buildup.

Application Directions:

  • Clean the surface off excessive dirt & let it dry
  • Shake the bottle well, before application
  • Spray directly on to the surface & can be sponged spread with a foam applicator/lint free cloth
  • It can also be applied by taking it on to the foam applicator/cloth and apply on to the desired surface.
  • It leaves a natural-looking finish and pleasant smell

1611021 5 Liter HDPE Mouser Seal Cap
1611023 20 Liter HDPE Mouser Seal Cap
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