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Carnauba Liquid Wax – Natural Wax Based Polish




The Carnauba polish enhances the gloss level of the paint surface & maintains the original deep shine with crystal finishing. It has effective resistance to paint damages due to acid rains, dust induced damages, ultraviolet rays and other foreign material or atmospheric damages. It is available in an easy to use well designed DIY box pack with a foam applicator as well as in bottles for professionals as “Carnauba Liquid Wax”.        

 Product Features: 

  • Carnauba Wax is one of the hardest waxes among all natural waxes and when it is mixed with innovative micro polishing agents from PAI & PTFE polymer, it creates a strong & durable protection wax layer on paint surfaces. 
  • Gloss restorer and protector for paintwork that provides long-lasting protection, beads water and repel dirt for a longer period. 
  • It leaves no haze, and it is very quick and easy to remove 
  • This water-based compound is silicon free. 

 Advised application: 

It is applied by hand with a foam applicator or lint free cotton cloth for application & Microfiber Cloth to take off the panel.

PACKAGE 100ml 500ml 5ltr
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100ml, 500ml, 5ltr

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