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Product – features:

– Gloss restorer that removes light oxidation and superficial


– It provides high-quality finishing;

– This is a combination of micro-abrasives and glossifiers

   that is very quick and easy to use;

– It restores and maintains the original deep shine of the


– This water-based compound is not dangerous for health

   and environment.

Physical properties

Colour:                  White

Physical form:       Liquid cream

Odour:                   Light and pleasant

Explosion limit:       None

Flammability:          Not flammable

Stability:                  Tested after exposure to

                               temperatures between -20° C to

                                +50° C inclusive

Advised application:

It is usually applied by polisher with a wool or also foam pad.

Directions for hand use: pour on a cotton cloth, spread it on gel coat with circular movements till completely dry.

Then, remove with a clean buffer.

Directions for polisher use: please shake the bottle before use. Pour a small quantity of polish on the surface. Let the polisher turn at low revolutions and spread it with circular movements and very homogeneously. As necessary, insist on older or more ruined parts of gel coat or paint. Then speed up the revolutions and work till you reach a very bright surface.

The result will be a shiny surface.

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Bottle 1 Kg 12 Pcs NW65
Can 10 Kg single NW65/10
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