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WP 97 (Pai Paint)




This is a Single Step Abrasive Compound in creamy liquid form. Manufactured for wood paint & coatings surfaces especially in the production of Furniture, Interiors, musical instruments, kitchen & bathroom accessories/parts.

Product Features:

– It is can remove marks and sand scratches left from P1500-2000 sandpaper process according to the hardness of treated paints.

– It attains a good Gloss level quickly and efficiently along with removing the imperfections. – Quick High Cut & Gloss makes it suitable as a Single Step for final finish.

– However for further ultra smooth finishing it can be followed by Micro Fine Abrasive Polish WP-29.

Physical properties

Colour : White

Physical form : Creamy

Odour : Light and pleasant

Explosion limit : None

Flammability : Not flammable Stability :Tested after exposure to

temperatures between -20° C to+50° C inclusive

Advised application:

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. It is generally applied by polisher after a P2000 sandpaper process or directly on the paint to remove scratches but it may be easily applied by hand also.

PACKAGE 700gm 1.4kg 5kg
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700gm, 1.4kg, 5kg

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